Conscious Communication

Laura Nagi and I are thrilled to announce our creation,  Conscious Communication of the Virgin Islands. 

Our mission is to assist in the resolution of conflict and the transformation of relationships for increased peace in the individual, family, workplace and community through sharing transformative communication skills, providing mediation/conflict resolution services and offering wellness services to individuals and organizations.

I am approved by the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands to offer Mediation services. 

I have long believed that miscommunication is the core cause of all conflict. Many of us have a very difficult time expressing in a way that people can hear and understand, without feeling judged and criticized. Misunderstanding leads to hurt feelings, judgments and upsets that break down the relationship and hurt all involved, which extends out exponentially.  Even simple miscommunication in the workplace creates havoc, low productivity and waste.  My training in Conscious Communication (using Marshall Rosenberg's Non-Violent Communication model) breaks this cycle and brings empathy, understanding and connection to the parties, which affects us all, as we are all connected.

All of life is relationship, and learning to communicate with our partners, parents, children, co-workers, neighbors, friends and all the people whose path we cross every day, will substantially enhance our entire experience of life.

Our current legal system is based on an adversarial model that drains us financially and emotionally.  I believe there is another way of resolving conflict, based on clear communication, empathy and understanding.  I offer affordable rates so that mediation can be accessed by those who otherwise could not afford this opportunity. I can assist people before or during the litigation process.

If you, or anyone you know, would like my assistance as a third-party mediator to resolve a conflict, please contact me.

I also offer Conscious Communication training to individuals couples, groups and in the workplace.